Ignorance (the teaser) :)

Shot by Piers McGrail and directed and produced by Anthony Doyle, this was the teaser for our new single, Ignorance 🙂

First song :)

Our songs from the EP are up!

The first track is called “Sunless” and enjoyed an exclusive preview on the savage music blog Swear I’m Not Paul.

Vids, Pics and Artwork :)

Howdy all!

So after recording our stuff we’ve been working away at the release artwork and press photos, while also filming the video for the lead track, Ignorance.

First things first. Daniel Lynch has provided us with one of his spectacular eclipse shots for the artwork. His album is here.

The video we shot at Ballywaltrim Community Centre, and our own Anthony directed while Piers McGrail did his usual excellent job of filming. We have some grabbed images from the shoot here.

Photos — James Goulden has returned to photograph us since we’ve always been delighted with his work, and once again he’s done a stellar job.

We’re really excited and can’t wait to get the video edited and up! Keep an eye on the blog for the tunes and video over the next couple of weeks 🙂

We’ll be launching the EP in all it’s glory on October 6th in Whelan’s, but we’ll have more info on that real soon so…watch this space!

Keep it fresh,


A Productive Weekend

Phew! What a weekend! For those of you who haven’t been checking out our Facebook page, we spent the weekend in Asylum Studios, Bow Lane with Jimmy Eadie (Redneck Manifesto, Fionn Regan, Messiah J and the Expert, Jimmy Cake). Our aim was to record the three tracks for our upcoming EP ‘Ignorance’. We laid the basic drums, bass and guitar tracks down on Saturday and today was spent on the vocals and synths…Rob got to try out his new Kaossilator Pro in a studio for the first time. This evening was spent on us putting as much weird and interesting percussion in as was humanly possible!

We’re delighted with the raw tracks that we have back and cannot wait till we have em ready to be heard by the general public 🙂 We’ve mixing and mastering to be done yet which will take a few weeks, but we shall keep ya’ll updated/entertained with ‘sniffbits’ of info over the coming weeks!

In the meantime, check out some photos from our weekend here.


Road Records RIP

Just saw this link on Twitter in relation to Road Records. Really sad to see that they will be closing their doors for good on the 24th of July.

When they first went to close a while back, it was amazing to see the reaction from the Irish music community, but alas, it wasn’t enough.

Road were some of first supporters back in 2007 when they agreed to stock our first EP, Rubicon, and we’ll always be grateful for that.

Best of luck guys in whatever you move onto next.

We’re Back At It

I know we’ve said this before, but we’re really back for good this time. We’ve been constantly writing, demoing and re-writing and the good news is that we will be heading back into the studio very soon to record our new 3-track EP. More news on this soon.

In the meantime, you remember ‘Until We Are Lost’ right? Our last mini-album for those that don’t…

Well, we’ve begun filming with this bunch on a music video for our track ‘Out of the Shadows, Into the Sun’. THe production stills from today’s shoot are great, you can find them here. Here’s an out-take from today’s shoot. Donal was finding it hard to lip-synch to a double speed version of the song ala the chipmunks. Thanks for being patient with us.

We’re still here…

Hey there,

My apologies for the lack of fresh news from the Kybosh camp. It’s been pretty busy of late between writing for the new album and with people involved on other projects.

Rob has been playing bass with a band called Ponyclub and that’s taken up a good bit of time, and others have had various projects going on.

We do plan to continue writing for this album…it’s what we’ve always wanted to do, it just may take a little bit of time! But we promise you, it’ll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, to bridge the gap, we’ve uploaded a free Live EP, produced by Venntertainment.com. This was recorded at the Futurism Club night which is run monthly in Eamon Doran’s, Temple Bar, Dublin. It features songs from the EP and the mini-album and a new cover which we think you’ll love…

Enjoy and Share it!

Until We Are Lost – The Video

Hello there,

It has been a little quiet of late in Kybosh land, but our latest piece of news is that we are happy to announce the upload of our new video for the recent single, ‘Until We Are Lost’.

This was directed by our very own Anthony Doyle and features half of The Kybosh…you have to watch it to find out who!

As always, have a look and give us your thoughts!

We’ll be back with more news very soon,


Out of the Shadows, Into the Sun

Hi Guys,

Quick update. Hope you caught our appearance on Eva Stack’s Irish Alternative on Spin1038 this morning. ‘Twas lots of fun and we played a great unplugged version of Out of the Shadows, Into the Sun.

We also have a great interview with Rob up on www.drop-d.ie and Herald AM had a lovely feature on us on Fri.

We’ll be on Newstalk next Fri with Daragh O’Tuama on Splanc next Fri at 11, and hopefully there’ll be some more updates leading up to the launch of Until We Are Lost in Whelan’s Upstairs on Thursday (23rd Oct).

In the meantime, Download our single Until We Are Lost on www.downloadmusic.ie or catch us on www.balconytv.ie today!


The Update


It has been ages and ages since our last update.

I can now confirm for you that we are ready to go! ‘Until We Are Lost’ is complete and we are just two weeks away from its release. It has already received airplay from Dan Hegarty and hopefully there’s lots more to come!

We’ll be on Balcony TV, Spin 1038 and others on the run up to the launch and we’re very excited about it all!

So have a listen to the new tunes up on our various websites and give us your thoughts,


The Kybosh